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Discovery Days

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Many experiential courses are often synonymous with rock climbing, abseiling and other ‘macho’ pursuits. On an experiential BastockFirth programme the great outdoors are used only as a media to facilitate powerful learning.

The best way to appreciate high quality experiential learning and development is through first hand experience. We regularly hold FREE Discovery Days at Dumbleton Hall, situated in the picturesque Worcestershire countryside near Evesham. Come and explore how BastockFirth’s experiential solutions can compliment and dovetail into your organisational goals and existing development programmes.

The strength of the team comes from diversity, yet it is often diversity which is the root cause of problems in a team. It is a paradox. Teamwork requires trust, open communication and a sense of common purpose. Diversity acts against these key ingredients, breeding mistrust and miscommunication through lack of a shared perspective. Our strength is the linking of our programmes to practical theory, like the the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This practical psychometric tool highlights the value of team diversity, and helps improve working and personal relationships in a constructive and positive way.

This is an opportunity to experience what we are famous for - great, high energy, high quality, experiential management and leadership programmes. We are convinced once you have sampled our practical exercises and team challenges on our Discovery Day you will truly appreciate the benefits that engaging BastockFirth can bring to your organisation.

The Discovery Day runs from 10am to 4pm, where we will take you on a journey through many of our most popular learning experiences. These events are extremely well attended and so also affords you a great networking opportunity with like minded people from a diverse range of organisations.

Dumbleton Hall - www.dumbletonhall.co.uk

Set in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, this impressive mansion offers a warm welcome with its magnificent oak-panelled lounge, comfortable bar with further lounge, and restaurant, all with views over the private gardens and woodlands.


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